Disney Payments

There might have been some confusion Friday if your children came home saying that there was a Disney payment due.  I apologize; we misspoke.  We adjusted the payments on the Disney contract to accommodate families during the holiday season but we forgot to change the Band Calendar.  When I incorrectly saw a payment was due on the calendar, I reminded the kids.  I try not to discuss financial things with them, but I say in-class reminders because often kids forget to deposit the large checks that their parents send them and they are left in their backpacks.
I will adjust our calendar to reflect the payment schedule that was given in the contract that you received in August.  If you made accommodations to make the payment this month and weren’t planning on it, I am happy to refund it for you and we can just plan on making the final payment in January when it is due.
I am mortified about this mix-up and I am deeply sorry if this caused any heartache.  Below is the correct payment schedule for the Disney trip:
September 4th – $200 (non-refundable deposit)
October 2nd – $225
January 8th – $225 (final payment may change slightly if the estimated cost changes)
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